Membership Enquiries

if you are interested in joining up, please contact our Club Chairman

Carl Berwick or telephone 07968 561226

Membership Fees

We are pleased to announce that our fees have remained unchanged for the 2022/23 season.

Every child needs to be a member of the club to be allowed to take part in training and matches, although may come along for the first few weeks on a trial basis before signing up to be a member. Membership prices vary by age group and are detailed below.  This covers all training costs, insurance and match fees for the season.  The season is generally from the 1st weekend in September until the end of May.  Please note that some summer tournaments can take place as late as July and fees are not included in the club the membership fees.

Age Groups & Formats

Teams are organised by age group and run as per the school year, a player born on the 1st September will be the oldest in the team:

Age Group Format Ball Size Competitive? *
U5 (Reception) Training only 3 No
U6 (Year 1) Training only 3 No
U7 (Year 2) 5 v 5 3 No
U8 (Year 3) 5 v 5 3 No
U9 (Year 4) 7 v 7 3 No
U10 (Year 5) 7 v 7 3 No
U11 (Year 6) 9 v 9 4 No  published results or league tables, however League may run round robin/knockout cups
U12 (Year 7) 9 v 9 4 Yes
U13 (Year 8) 11 v 11 4 Yes
U14 (Year 9) 11 v 11 4 Yes
U15 (Year 10) 11 v 11 5 Yes
U16 (Year 11) 11 v 11 5 Yes
U18 (Years 12 & 13) 11 v 11 5 Yes


* By “competitive” we mean results and league tables are published and winners trophies awarded.  In the younger age groups, all matches are friendly matches as per FA regulations.


As a member of Jarvis Brook Football Club you automatically receive the benefit of Personal Accident and Public Liability insurance cover provided through our affiliation to the Sussex FA.  Details are provided on the link below.