Coach Ben has put together an on-line Footy Skills course for you to practice.

These are designed for our Mini Soccer members (under 5 to Under 10) to keep them active and engaged in developing their skills and interest in the beautiful game.  Each video demonstrates a particular activity designed for you to practice in your garden or in the park.

Ball Mastery Skills (Level 1)

In order to really enjoy football children need to develop a relationship between the ball and their feet. We see this as a friendship.  The more time they spend playing together the stronger the bond.  These videos are simple exercises to help develop this relationship. We like to see kids using both feet and all parts of their foot. 

Jarvis Brook FC believes strongly in ‘learning pit philosophy’ where positive encouragement, creativity and freedom of expression are a vital part of child development.  This starts with the ball at their feet. The focus is on trying new things and not being afraid to fail. Above all, it’s about having fun. 

Exercise 1: Ball Mastery - Outside Foot
Exercise 2: Ball Mastery - Inside Foot
Exercise 3: Ball Mastery - Inside & Outside Foot
Exercise 4: Ball Mastery - Sole of Foot

1 v 1 Tricks

Once kids have developed basic ball mastery skills we actively encourage them to express themselves and be creative. We have taken some of the exciting moves that football legends have used and broken them down into simple exercises.

Most professionals only adopt a couple of moves that they use throughout their career so we don’t expect kids to adopt all of them. Instead, we encourage them to make them their own by modifying them and experimenting.   

These incredible skills we see on YouTube don’t happen by accident or fluke. They all started by trying something new and failing repeatedly…

 Phil Neville on Ronaldo:

“After every training session he would take a ball around the circumference of Carrington Training Ground, about 3 km, doing his step overs. At Walking pace, jogging pace, drag backs, Cruyff turns etc. People used to say he had a god given talent but he used to watch YouTube clips of a skill he liked and practiced”. 

Exercise 5: 1v1 Tricks - Inside Foot Drag
Exercise 6: 1v1 Tricks - Inside Foot Chop
Exercise 7: 1v1 Tricks - Cruyff Turn