Latest Covid-19 Update After Restrictions Eased

23 August 2021

Following the UK Government’s announcement on 19th July of the easing of COVID-19 restrictions,  almost all legal restrictions of social contact have been removed.  The FA has therefore updated their guidance to reflect this.

Please click the FA badge below to see the full FA guidance document.

The summary key points are:

1. On field adaptions for playing football are no longer required.
2. No limits of how many people can meet.
3. One metre plus rule removed.
4. Face coverings no longer required by law, but are recommended in crowded indoor settings.
5. Changing rooms can be used, however participants should use their own judgement and minimise use where possible to avoid close contact in a crowded area for a prolonged time.
6. No capacity limits for spectators but good practice is encouraged.
7. Hospitality is permitted without restrictions.
8. NHS Test and Trace QR codes not required by law but encouraged.
9. No domestic travel restrictions. .

We would like to thank you all once again for your resilience and understanding during such an incredibly challenging period for both the game and wider society, and we look forward to hopefully an uninterrrupted season for 2021/22.